Language - Bilingual Program

A program catered to children for limited or non-Chinese speaking families. The program focus is on day-to-day life conversations and greetings, basic characters recognition, reading and writing. Learning is done in a bilingual environment where the teachers are expected to use mainly Chinese Mandarin complemented with English whenever necessary. Through interactive conversations, students learn to speak and write in Chinese with the help of Pinyin system following the “Let’s Learn Chinese” program.

Bilingual Program Levels

Level K1:
Early learner level with basic or limited knowledge of Chinese. This level is designed to introduce basic Chinese characters and phonetic sounds of the characters to the early learners. In addition to learning simple characters, they will learn the language through pictures, sounds, songs, and play. This is equivalent to the prekindergarten level. Recommended ages 4-6 years old.

Level PK2:
Early learner level with limited knowledge of Chinese. For new families interested in jumping into this class, it is recommended that your child has been exposed to Chinese in the past. This will continue to build on the K1 level foundation and be introduced to the Pinyin phonetic system. The focus will be on word pronunciation, building up the association of words to objects, and learning basic phrases and vocabulary. Upon completing this level, your child should be able to write at least 20 characters and will be able to understand and use basic Chinese words and phrases. This is equivalent to the kindergarten level. Recommended ages 5-7 years old.

Level P1:
This is the first level of the Bilingual (Pinyin) Program and is designed for children who have previously learned Chinese. The children are expected to understand basic Chinese Mandarin. They should be familiar with the standard written numbers and basic Chinese characters. By the end of this course, the child should be able to pronounce words using the pinyin system, recognize at least 40-50 new characters,  be able to string together simple phrases or complete sentences and conduct basic social exchanges. The minimum age is 6 years old to register for this class. For new families joining, please speak to our registration team to see if this is the right level for your child.

Level P2 and above:
Each level builds upon the previous year’s material. Every year, they should learn an additional 50-70 new characters. Upon completing these levels, the child will learn dialogues built around simple, common social situations, and engage in meaningful conversations around daily life topics. The acquired knowledge will enable them to build longer and more complex sentences and eventually progress to a point where they can write simple essays. Note that all levels above P2 will require standard testing.

By the end of the curriculum and graduation, your child will be able to complete a wide range of basic, daily-life tasks and conduct basic conversations in Chinese.