CCALI provides an environment for our next generation to learn about Chinese language and culture in a relaxing environment filled with not just academic learning, as well as cultural events and fun activities. We focus on our students listening, speaking, reading and writing ability during each and every lesson. Classes are conducted on listed school days on Sundays from 1:30pm to 5:00pm, where 1:30-4:00pm will be language learning, and 4:00-5:00pm will be cultural classes.

Both our Traditional and Bilingual classes are taught using Traditional Chinese characters. The traditional writing system typically contain historical and/or cultural references as well as pictorial descriptions that reflect the thinking of earlier times. With the foundation that you can build from learning Traditional characters, it will be very easy to adapt and learn the simplified writing system.

We welcome students as young as 4 years old to join our Early Learner's Program (equivalent to kindergarten levels). After the completion of Level 9 Curriculum, they will graduate with a Chinese School diploma.

Traditional Program

A rigorous program designed for children that speak the language at home and are able to understand and converse in Mandarin Chinese. Reading is taught using the Zhuyin Phonics System and writing using Mei Zhou Chinese. Students completing Level 9 Curriculum will graduate with a diploma.

Bilingual/Interactive Program

A program catered to children for limited or non-Chinese speaking families. Through interactive conversations, students learn to speak and write in Chinese with the help of Pinyin system following the "Let's Learn Chinese" program. Students completing Level 9 Curriculum will graduate with a diploma.

Cultural Classes

(For Students in level one and above)
Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Chess, Art & Craft, Chinese Poster Design, Chinese Singing, Chinese Traditional Dance, Diabolo, Chinese Martial Arts, Yoga, etc.

Adult Classes

Adult classes and programs are also offered based on demand. We may potentially offer classes such as Chinese language, yoga, crochet, etc. Please inquire within.