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簡介 Introduction

Tel: (516) 526-0549
Email: info@ccali.org

歷 史

長島中華文協中文學校於1979年在 West Hempstead 的中華文化中心會館,由數位自臺灣移民美國的家長成立。因為人數逐 年增加,場地不敷使用,於1986年遷至紐約理工 學院迄今。同年長島中華文教協會正式 向紐約州政府登記立案,成為一個非營利、非宗 教、非政治的機構,除了宣揚中華文化之外,亦 為下一代華裔子弟開闢了一個學習中文和文化認 同的場所。

文協參與很多文藝活動,推廣文化到社區,例如 長島亞裔文化節。藉由這個機會,我們的學生和 教職員透過藝術、手工藝、舞蹈和歌唱表演來展 現中華文化的內涵和傳承。 在2014年,長島文協榮獲來自納蘇郡政府(Nassau County)的褒揚,推崇我們學校對社區的經濟、 社會和文化的貢獻。

在校內,文協每學年期末都會舉辦成果展。 讓每個學生都有機會向家長和校外的來賓展 現學習成果。 我們也經常遴選學生參加 各類校際比賽,包括文化常識比賽、演講比賽、 多媒體簡報比賽和壁報比賽等,以延伸教學成果 並拓展學生的經驗。



The Chinese Cultural Association of Long Island (CCALI) School first opened its doors in 1979 with only a few students at the West Hempstead Long Island Chinese Cultural Center. Enrollment increased over the years and in 1986, the Chinese School moved to its present location at the NYIT Old Westbury campus. As the Chinese School brought together a greater number of families in the Chinese community, CCALI’s function expanded to include the promotion of Chinese culture and an increase of ethnic Chinese awareness on Long Island. In 1986, CCALI officially became a NYS non-profit community organization.

Cultural Exchange
At the annual Asian American Festival in North Hempstead, our students and staff have the opportunity to showcase their cultural talents such as art, craft, music and dance. In 2014, CCALI was honored with a Citation from Nassau County in recognition of our economic, social and cultural contribution to our community.

Beyond Academic Performance
At the end of the school year, during CCALI’s open house and open class day, students will showcase what they have learned to parents and guests. As a member of the Association of Chinese Schools, our students are able to participate in regional competitions where they have received awards in Chinese Culture, speech, multi-media and poster design contest.