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常見問答 FAQ

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Email: info@ccali.org

Q:What should I do if I don’t know which program to register my child?
A:If you bring your child to school, we can assess them to determine which program and level is appropriate.

Q:Which program should I register my child if we don’t speak Mandarin at home?
A:The Interactive program.

Q:What is the difference between Traditional and Interactive program?
A:The Traditional program is designed for children whose native language is Mandarin while the Interactive program is designed for children whose native language is NOT Mandarin. The Traditional program requires better comprehension in Mandarin and the level is higher in general.

答:因人而異,認真學習的學生畢業後可以高分考過SAT中文(SAT Chinese),還有畢業成績更優異的學生可以嘗試考AP中文 (AP Chinese)。
Q:What level of Chinese comprehension does a student in the traditional program graduate with?
A:It differs for each individual. Students with better comprehension will be able to pass the Chinese SAT with high scores. Students that excel beyond the standard can apply for the AP Chinese test.

Q:What is the expectation for a student transferred from a school that taught simplified Chinese?
A:The student is expected to start writing traditional characters.  Simplified Chinese will be accepted for previously learned characters but newly introduced characters and words must be traditional Chinese.

Q:My child learned Mandarin using Pinyin but I prefer traditional Chinese.  What system do you use to teach?
A:We use the Zhuyin system for preschool and kindergarten age students learning to read in English to avoid any confusion. Zhuyin is the first step in learning Chinese as most of the characters are elements in Chinese words. Students in level 1 to 9 receive homework in Pinyin and are allowed to take tests in Pinyin as well.

答:文化課的課程費用已經包含在學費裡了, 但是不包括材料費與服裝費。
Q:Is there an additional cost for Cultural classes?
A:No, your tuition includes Cultural classes.  However, there may be an additional materials fee.

Q:What time will the students be dismissed if there is no cultural class?
A:The school day ends at 5 p.m.  When there is no cultural class, the language teachers will teach until 5 p.m.

Q:What do I do if my child needs to leave school early
A:A parent can obtain an Early Dismissal Permission Slip at the administration desk.  The completed form with administrative signature must be given to the teacher upon pick up.  We also recommend notifying the teacher in advance or at the start of the class.