1-14-2018 Education Seminar 教育講座

January 14, 2018
2:00 to 3:30 pm in Room 310
Education Seminar

All are Welcome – Refreshments will be served

時間: 2018 年 1 月 14 日 2:00~3:30PM #310 教室

教育講座 歡迎大家踴躍參加

Are You Ready for High School or even College?

High school is not only a new challenge for teens but for parents too. Too many
options to consider means more concerns and more worries such as AP classes,
clubs, teams, and SATs. Teens want more freedom but parents are only thinking of
their safety. Parents question if it is a good idea to have a savings account or credit
card in their child’s name. Will these affect the opportunities of scholarship and
financial aid when they apply for college? We hope this seminar by June Liao, an
analyst and CCALI alumni parent, can help answer some of your questions and


高中不只是孩子的挑戰,家長也同樣有著許多的疑慮。是否要選 AP 課程? 要
選什麼樣的 AP 課程? 何時選 AP 課程? 要參加什麼樣的社團? 什麼時候開始準
備 SAT 和 SAT II? 除了鼓勵孩子獨立學習外? 要給孩子多大的自由?是否需要給
孩子開設銀行帳戶? 是否要幫孩子申請信用卡? 在給孩子學習管理財務的同

四月二十三日 停課通知


[CCALI School Schedule Update]
NYIT will not be able to accommodate CCALI’s classes on 04/23 due to a NYIT event. As such, CCALI will be open on 05/14, Mother’s Day (Snow Day), to make up for 04/23.  Please update your calendar accordingly.
TOCFL/CCCC have been rescheduled for 05/14.


01/15   T1~T9 演講比賽 Speaking Contest (階梯教室)
  • T1~T3: 2:30PM 開始
  • T4~T6: 2:30PM 開始
  • T7~T9: 3:05PM 開始
  • 有文化課
01/22   雙語班集體以及個人朗誦比賽 (階梯教室)
  • 班際比賽: 1:45PM開始 – F1, F2, F3, E2, E3
  • 個人比賽: 3:00PM開始 – I2全班
  • 有文化課
01/27   週五農曆除夕 Chinese New Year’s Eve
01/28   週六農曆春節 Chinese New Year
01/27   週五農曆除夕
01/27   週五農曆除夕
01/28   週六農曆春節
01/29   教務會議 12:30PM (308教室)
  • 有文化課

2016 中秋節兒童繪畫比賽 CMP Chinese School Mid-Autumn Festival Kids Drawing Contest 2016

收件截止日: 10/21/2016 (以郵戳為憑)
Submission Deadline: 10/21/2016 (Postmarked by 10/21/2016)
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May 2016 Announcements

There will be two events in the school and one outside event in May.

Sunday, May 8, 2016 @ 2PM
2016 Mother’s Day Yoga Tea Party – Snow Make-up Day

Location: NYIT-CCALI Campus; Outdoor on lawn (Main hall if rain)
Goal: To promote Yoga for children and adult, celebrate Mother’s Day, and raise fund through baked goods sale.
All parents are welcome!
More details

Sunday, May 15, 2016 @ 1:45PM
Inside The College Admissions Office
– A free workshop from AcceptU
Location: NYIT-CCALI Campus; Ladder Hall behind the front desk of our school
Goal: To provide an opportunity to parents to learn how the college admission decisions are made and what your child(ren) can do to best prepare for success.
All parents are welcome!
More details

Saturday, May 21, 2016 @ 12:00-5:00PM
Asian American Festival
Location: North Hempstead beach Park, West shore road, Port Washington
Details: Many cultural activities are being conducted at the festival.  The culture performance include Mongolian folk dance, traditional ribbon dance, Qipao dance and Kung Fu Tai Chi. As well,  Qing Dao Restaurant from Flushing will provide food tasting.
More details