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9月16日 教學課程日 Curriculum Day

2018年9月16日是教學課程日。各班的老師會在班上與家長們解說今年度的教學內容,評分標準,注意事項等等。請各位家長務必出席,如果您有關於教學內容與教室規則的任何問題,也請準備好於此次開會提出跟老師們進行討論。時間定於4:00-5:00pm, 地點於各班的教室內。有任何問題請與我們聯絡。

Next week (9/16/18) is our Curriculum Day. Language class teachers will be sharing their lesson plans for the school year with the parents. This may include class content, grading standards, classroom policies, etc. If you have any questions about the class, please be prepared to discuss with the teacher during this time. This meeting will be held at 4:00-5:00pm in each classroom. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

手工童玩文化課 Handcrafted Toys Class


現在的孩子好像很少再跟家長要玩具或者遊戲了, 大部分的時候好像都是”我要一個iPhone”,或者”我要一個iPad”. 因為裡面有玩不完的電子遊戲, 還有看不完的Youtube影片. 回想沒有電腦的世界, 那些孩子是如何從生活中的小事物取得樂趣呢?

這堂課是希望利用身邊隨手可得的一些材料, 透過一個概念的設計. 讓小朋友們能夠享受能夠靠自己創作一個玩具或遊戲的樂趣. 從中學習到如何看圖依照步驟來完成每一個玩具, 讓小朋友知道一件物品從無到有的過程. 還有分享如何在遇到問題的時候, 大家一起解決問題.

三個簡單的project, 可以讓孩子學到, 如何測量大小, 為什麼製作過程有先後順序. 物理的原理在哪裡. 大小的比例如何呈現, 學期終得利用學到的知識去製作一個故事情境, 這將是一個很好的機會啟發孩子對圖案的解讀, 訓練美術方面的創作, 將數學運用在製作過程, 並對原理探索, 還有練習如何思考去做出心中的想法. 小朋友在過程中,慢慢體會自己的興趣與方向, 對未來生涯規畫提早有體驗.


  • 課程編號:12
  • 年齡限制: 八歲以上
  • 材料費:$30+(此費用包括兩樣作品,如超過兩樣則會酌取費用)


Good news! There is a brand new cultural class this year, “Handcrafted Toys and Model Building”.

Nowadays, most kids don’t ask their parents to buy toys or games anymore, more often than not, they ask to own an iPhone or iPad, just like their parents. Because inside the electronic devices, there are unlimited games and YouTube videos. A lot of the times we would wonder, what happened to the world without the electronics where kids can just have fun by playing a simple game?

The plan for this class is to use recycle material to build the projects. With some simple design, we allow children be creative on making a toy or a simple game. During the building process, they will learn to follow the instruction to complete each project. They will also enjoy the process to build from scratch until the very end. Children get to learn how to solve the issues they may face during the project and share the results with their classmates.

There will be 3 simple projects for children to complete. They will learn how to measure, and follow instruction step by step, and understand the concept of ratio when building model-size objects. At the end of the school year, they get to be creative to build their diorama by using the technique they learned throughout the year. This is a great opportunity to inspire kids on learning how to read and follow, also an opportunity to reveal their artistic talent. They get to apply the math they learn from school in real life scenario. It can also help in finding interest and direction for their future.

Registration information:

  • Class Code: 12
  • Age Requirements: Age 8 and up
  • Materials Fee: $30+ (This includes 2 projects, if time allows for more, we will collect the fees accordingly)