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2019-20 第五週週報 Week 5 Newsletter

本週活動 This Week (5 of 30)


學校準備了九九重陽敬老節的相關活動。學校準備了應景的菊花,茱萸,重陽糕,還有幼菊泡的茶,介紹了重陽節始於漢朝的歷史故事,農曆九月九日為重陽節,因九與久同音,故此節日也訂 為敬老節,象徵長長久久。同學們也學會了怎麼給長輩奉茶。此次活動開放給一到四年級的同學參加,針對他們的中文程度設計內容,讓活動參與更踴躍。

近期活動預告 Upcoming Events
  • 十月十三日,全校團體照日。全校每年都會幫每班照班級團體照,還有一張全校大合照,我們希望每位同學都能出席。照片將會出現在年刊,學校臉書頁,還有網頁。有填Photo Opt-out的學生將不會參與照相活動。
  • 成人舞蹈班將於十月十三日開始上課,上課時間為文化課日的 3:00pm至 4:00pm。請報名的家長準時出席。因為這是新的成人課,所以學校特別開放第一週給家長試課旁聽,希望有興趣的家長多多利用,上課服裝著緊身褲和寬鬆上衣即可。其餘的成人課程,瑜伽上課時間為文化課日的 2:00pm至 3:00pm,成人中文課為文化課日的 4:00pm至5:00pm。文化課上課的日期,請參閱學校行事曆。
  • 十月十三日下午1:50pm學校會在Harry Schure Hall的階梯教室開會討論新年晚會籌辦事宜。此會議開放給所有家長一同來參與討論!歡迎家長加入籌備小組的行列,我們很需要您!
  • 十月二十七日,學校義工家長準備了萬聖節變裝活動!要徵求願意穿著各個中國朝代的服飾的家長,當天做一場傳統服飾變裝秀,希望藉由這個活動把中國傳統服飾的歷史演變介紹給學生們,將是一場好玩又有教育意義的活動!歡迎家長屆時一同參與!有興趣加入的義工家長,請與我們聯絡:events@ccali.org
  • 請注意!原本預計十一月三日舉辦的營養講座,將改至十二月初,之後會在週報更新確定的日期。學校邀請到了專業營養師黃瑞宏主任為我們主講。現任艾姆赫斯醫院營養部黃主任有三十年的專業經驗,非常感謝他為我們提供此次講座。為了確保講座在限定時間內有效率地舉行,懇請家長做一下會前調查,讓黃主任可以事前準備家長們有興趣的專題:專題調查表,希望家長不要錯過這難得的機會。
特別注意事項 Special Announcement
  • 請注意不要停在無障礙車位,NYIT交通隊會巡邏開單。
  • 如果學生在上課時間前到教室而老師還未到,請家長暫候,如有需要,請將學生帶至教務處,避免學生單獨留在教室。
This Week (4 of 30)

Teacher Appreciation Day

Double Ninth (Chong Yang) Festival (Grandparents Day)

School prepared event for introducing to our students on the history of the Double Ninth Festival, which is also known as the Grandparents Day. Students were told on the history for how this festival came in place. The festival is celebrated on September 9th on Lunar calendar with chrysanthemums wine (we used tea to substitute) and Chong Yang cake, which were shown to the students. Students also learned how to properly serve tea to elderly using Chinese. This is also a day we celebrate longevity, because the number 9 has the same sound as long, therefore it is also a day for embracing the importance of respecting the elderly. This event was designed for 1st to 4th graders, we had great feedback and participation from the students.

Upcoming Events
  • Photo Day on 10/13/19, Photo Day. Every year we will gather the entire school to take photos of every class, and a group photo for the entire school including staff, teachers, and students. Please fill out the photo opt-out form if you do not wish your child to appear in the photos.
  • Adult Chinese Folk Dance Class will start on 10/13/19. Dance classes are in session during cultural class days from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. Since this is a new adult class, school opens it up to all interested parents to do a trial class during this first week, don’t miss this great opportunity!. The time for other adult classes are: Yoga from 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Chinese language from 4:00pm to 5:00pm, all on the days when cultural classes are in session. Please refer to school calendar for the days cultural classes are in session.
  • The school will have a committee meeting on the annual Chinese New Year Fundraiser Dinner in Harry Schure Hall lecture hall at 1:50pm on 10/13. We welcome all parents to join the discussion. We are in need of parent volunteers to join this committee!
  • On 10/27, the parent volunteers are preparing a Halloween activity for the whole school. School has many Chinese traditional clothing from different eras in history. The plan is to do an ancient costume fashion show and introduce the fashion and history of Chinese clothing. This will be both fun and educational event, which we are in need of many parent volunteers’ help! Please contact us if you are interested to join the team: events@ccali.org
  • Please note that the nutrition seminar on 11/3/19 has been rescheduled to early December, we will update all with the date in the newsletter as time gets closer. CCALI invited Nutritionist Jay Hwang, who is the current Director of Food and Nutrition Services at NYC H+H/Elmhurst Hospital Center, to speak for us. In order for Mr. Hwang to deliver the right content within the limited time, he would like parents to share what you are interested in hearing about. We have created this survey for parents to fill out, don’t miss this great opportunity!
Special Announcements

A friendly reminder on the following:

  • Remember not to park in the handicapped parking spaces without a permit to avoid getting ticketed by NYIT.
  • Please do not leave students unattended in classrooms if they arrive before the class starts. Students may be brought to room 310 administrative desk if they need to be dropped off, and staff can take them to classes at 1:30pm.