Chinese New Year Celebration Fundraiser Dinner Postponed 新年籌款晚會延期通知

2019-20 第二週週報 Week 2 Newsletter

本週活動 This Week (2 of 30)


近期活動預告 Upcoming Events
  • 九月二十二日將舉行本學年度第一次理事會,歡迎有興趣的家長前來參加。其中將討論本學年度理事會策劃的學校活動,需要很多家長義工!
    • 時間:下午1:45pm開始
    • 地點:Anna Rubin Hall 308教室
  • 九月二十二日教師培訓座談會。文協副校長謝邦芳老師主講。歡迎有興趣的家長與親朋好友來參加,內容包括親子師生溝通和課室管理。
    • 時間:下午1:45pm開始
    • 地點:Harry Schure Hall 階梯教室
  • 文化課報名:九月二十二日截止,請將表格交給各班老師或教務處。請注意以下課程訊息:
    • “紐約武壇武術”,“扯鈴”文化課已額滿,即日起不再接受報名。
    • “美勞初級班”與“瑜珈”也即將額滿,希望有興趣的學生可以盡快報名,額滿為止。
    • 請參閱文化課簡介了解其他文化課選項,其中“民族舞蹈”與“書法”都是代表著中華文化的傳統藝術,非常鼓勵學生們參加。“身歷其境”和“製作繪本故事書”也是今年老師們精心策劃的新課程,希望能帶給孩子們活用中文的興趣與知識。
  • 成人班報名表:今年成人班包括瑜珈課,一對一中文課,及團體中文課。歡迎家長們報名。
  • 緊急聯絡表:除了緊急聯絡人,也包含過敏的資訊,請盡快繳交給各班老師或教務處。
  • Photo Opt-Out Form:如有學生不希望其照片出現在任何跟學校有關的公開訊息(包括新聞報導,社群網站,官方網站,校刊,等等),請家長繳交 Photo Opt-Out Form給老師或教務處。
特別注意事項 Special Announcement
  • 請注意不要停在無障礙車位,NYIT交通隊會巡邏開單。
  • 如果學生在上課時間前到教室而老師還未到,請家長暫候,如有需要,請將學生帶至教務處,避免學生單獨留在教室。
This Week (2 of 30)

Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 13 this year. CCALI Puppet Show Team prepared a show to tell the legendary story of when there were ten suns in the sky thousands of years ago, and Hou-Yi was the hero that shot down nine of them to relieve the people from burning hot weather, and why his wife Chang-Er flew to the moon. The school hopes to bring some cultural fun to begin this year’s Chinese school. Huge thanks to all the parent volunteers for preparation, the show, and photography.

Upcoming Events
  • The first CCALI Board of Directions meeting will be held in the upcoming weekend, 9/22/19. The Board welcomes all parents that are interested to join, and get to know what is planned for this school year. Parent volunteers are needed!
    • Time: Starts at 1:45pm
    • Location: Anna Rubin Hall room 308
  • Teachers Training Seminar on 9/22/19, hosted by Assistant Principal, Ms. Anne Hsieh. All parents are welcome to join. There will be discussion on teaching techniques, classroom management, as well as communication skills with children.
    • Time: Starts at 1:45pm
    • Location: Harry Schure Hall Lecture Hall
  • Cultural Classes Sign-up, due 9/22/19, please submit the form to your language teachers or the administrative desk.
    • Wutang Martial Arts, Chinese Yo-yo classes are closed due to high enrollment
    • Arts & Crafts for Beginners and Yoga classes are almost at capacity, please register as soon as possible to secure the spot, classes will be closed when it reaches capacity.
    • Please review the class description on other great classes we offer. Classes like Chinese Folk Dance and Chinese Calligraphy will be learning traditional Chinese art that we highly recommend. Immersing and Picture Storybook Club are two new classes prepared by our teachers wishing to bring practical use of Chinese culture and language into students’ everyday lives, this will help them to engage in the Chinese learning in a fun way.
  • Adult Classes: This year the classes for adults include: Yoga, one-on-one Chinese lessons, and group Chinese lesson. Parents are welcome to enroll.
  • Emergency Contact Form: This form not only include the emergency contact information, it also asks for allergy conditions for your children. Please be sure to submit it as early as possible to your language teacher or to the administrative desk.
  • Photo Opt-Out Form: This needs to be filled out for any students who do not wish to appear on any photos in our public announcements, including news articles, social media, website, yearbook, and such.
Special Announcements

A friendly reminder on the following:

  • Remember not to park in the handicapped parking spaces without a permit to avoid getting ticketed by NYIT.
  • Please do not leave students unattended in classrooms if they arrive before the class starts. Students may be brought to room 310 administrative desk if they need to be dropped off, and staff can take them to classes at 1:30pm.