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2019-20 第十週週報 Week 10 Newsletter

本週活動 (10 of 30)

上週週報提到,今年的新春籌款晚會已經如火如荼的展開,晚會的入場券已經在教務處開始販售,我們歡迎各位家長同學踴躍報名參加!及早買票可以挑選座位喔!預知晚會詳細內容,請參閱上週週報。由於晚會採宴席形式,場地備有舞池,會長Birdy Chen也找到了專業的社交舞老師,歡迎有興趣跟老師學習,並在晚會當天表演一段的家長與會長連絡:birdy.chen@ccali.org.


  • 十二月一日適逢感恩節長週末,學校將停課一週。希望大家有個平安愉快的感恩節。
  • 為了歡慶長島文協四十週年,理事會籌備了紀念品,希望家長們能多多支持購買。教務處這週呈放了紀念馬克杯,之後還會有紀念T恤(包括成人與孩童的尺寸),在校內和校外的活動將會派上用場,也許學生們會很喜歡,每週穿來上課!感謝專業的義工家長Garda協助設計!
  • 又到了年終一連串假期跟購物大減價的月份了!長島文協為非營利組織,需要家長們的支持,讓學校有足夠的經費營運並且帶給師生們好的學習環境。希望家長在開心享受折價購物的同時也可以回饋給文協。

    由Americana Manhasset購物中心還有Wheatley Plaza店家主辦的“慈善支援”活動 (Champions for Charity) ,今年將在十二月五日(週四)至十二月七日(週六)期間舉行(活動傳單)。請注意,今年活動只有三天!購物者須在活動前先註冊,拿到支援編號以後在每次購物時出示店家,購物金額的一部分將會回饋給文協,募款全數所得將作為文協於社區發展及中文學校活動之用。註冊請至:championsforcharity.org 選擇”CCALI”為您將支援的慈善機構即可。如有任何問題請與我們聯繫:fundraisers@ccali.org

  • 請注意!營養講座已經確定改為十二月八日舉行。學校邀請到了專業營養師黃瑞宏主任為我們主講。現任艾姆赫斯醫院營養部黃主任有三十年的專業經驗,非常感謝他為我們提供此次講座。為了確保講座在限定時間內有效率地舉行,懇請家長做一下會前調查,讓黃主任可以事前準備家長們有興趣的專題:專題調查表,希望家長不要錯過這難得的機會。
This Week (10 of 30)

Annual Chinese New Year Celebration Fundraiser
As we mentioned in last week’s newsletter, the tickets are on sale now in administrative desk in room 310. We encourage all parents and students to join us on the biggest event of CCALI. Purchase your tickets early for best seating! For details on the event, refer to our newsletter from last week. Our President, Birdy Chen, also reached out to a professional ballroom dancing teacher to help forming a group to learn and perform ballroom dancing in the party. This is a great opportunity for our parents, please reach out to Birdy for more details: birdy.chen@ccali.org.

Taste of Thanksgiving
Huge thanks to parent volunteer, Lisa, for hosting and coordinating on the “Taste of Thanksgiving” school event! We are looking forward to a delicious and fun day on the upcoming school day. Parents can still sign up if they haven’t done so. You can participate as a chef OR a food critic! The event will take place in room 308/310 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm on 11/24. You may come earlier to purchase the food tickets at $1 each. The entire proceeds will benefit CCALI toward its funding on school events for our children.

Upcoming Events
  • To observe Thanksgiving long weekend, school will be closed on 12/1/19. We hope everyone will have a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving.
  • To celebrate CCALI 40th anniversary this year, the Board of Directors have prepared some limited edition mugs for sale, there will also be t-shirts with similar designs with adult and youth sizes coming in later. Please support CCALI by making a purchase! The t-shirts will be useful when students attend school and community activities, or they like it so much they will wear it to school every week! Huge thanks to our professional parent volunteer Garda for helping on the designs!
  • How time flies! Holiday season is just around the corner, and some stores have already started holiday sales. CCALI is a non-profit organization that can use some help from our members.

    “Champions for Charity” by Americana Manhasset Shopping Center and Wheatley Plaza stores will take place from Thursday 12/5 through Saturday 12/7 (see event flyer). Please note that the event only last 3 days this year! Shoppers will need to pre-register to receive the Champion number that the stores need to associate the purchases with the charity organization. Please visit championsforcharity.org to register today, select “CCALI” as your charity organization. While you enjoy the discounted shopping, you are helping CCALI at the same time! The proceeds benefited CCALI and its Chinese school in providing a great community for our members every year. Feel free to email us if you have any questions: fundraisers@ccali.org

  • Please note that the nutrition seminar has been rescheduled to 12/8/19. CCALI invited Nutritionist Jay Hwang, who is the current Director of Food and Nutrition Services at NYC H+H/Elmhurst Hospital Center, to speak for us. In order for Mr. Hwang to deliver the right content within the limited time, he would like parents to share what you are interested in hearing about. We have created this survey for parents to fill out, don’t miss this great opportunity!