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2018-19 第三十週週報 Week 30 Newsletter

本週活動 This Week (30 of 30)

終於到了第三十週!家長及學生們一學年的辛苦耕耘在這一天大豐收!很感謝出席畢業典禮的家長同學們,跟畢業生們一起歡慶這重要的時刻。在此恭喜今年畢業的三位T9班同學:本多瞳,林裕傑,黃靖軼,經過了十一年的堅持,在今年建立了重要的里程碑。校長致詞說到,“今後希望做每件事情,都能如同學習中文所有的這份堅持,堅持會帶你走向成功。” 理事長張雯琪女士用對三位畢業生個別的回顧與勉勵來祝福他們並鼓勵在校生要堅持學中文。畢業家長代表林志安先生先生也感慨地說,就算十一年走得很艱辛,在這一刻他很慶幸這些家長與孩子一直以來的”堅持“,他們此刻才能在這裡得到成果。今年的畢業班黃玉屏老師以「和自己賽跑的人」為題製作紀念影片,感性地說,看著這些孩子們長大,在這裡交到朋友,學到了中文,但更重要的就是認識了自己的文化背景,在自我認知後勇於表達,不斷前進。


特別感謝以下當日義務幫忙的家長:文雯女士及王翰身先生流暢的主持(典禮準時四點結束!),電腦影音操控沈以智先生,蘇匯豐先生幫我們全程攝影,以及在門外辛苦顧前台註冊的Ms. Lili Chen及陳怡璇女士!畢業暨結業頒獎典禮加謝師宴相簿


We are finally done with all 30 weeks! All parents and students’ hard work had paid off on this day! Huge thanks to all parents and students who attended the graduation ceremony to celebrate this important moment with this year’s graduating students. Congratulations to our three graduates this year: Hitomi Honda, Natacia Huang, and Brandon Lin. After 11 years of commitment for Chinese learning, they have reached this important milestone.

Principal Kan in his speech recognized the perseverance that carried them through the years, and reminded them to keep that in their hearts as they do everything going forward, because perseverance will lead you to success! Chairperson Ms. Angel Chang reminisced great moments the three had in school and the hardship each had overcame, to remind current students to not give up easily. Graduating parent Anchor Lin, representing all parents, also mentioned that, despite all the hardship throughout these years, he is very proud of all three of them for their commitment and hard work to be able to be here today. Ms. Cathleen Hwang, the teacher of this year’s T9 class said with sentiments, she was there to witness these three growing in the school, to become who they are today, they not only learned Chinese here and made new friends, more importantly, they have also connected their cultural background and family history with their self identity. She encouraged the graduates to be strong stating who they are. As the title of the memorial video states ~ “there’s no finish line, we run for the next goal set by ourselves”.

Award Ceremony followed right after Graduation. The school presented trophies and certificates to students who participated in school-wide, regional, and ACS (Association of Chinese Schools) Annual Conference contests. We also presented achievement awards to students in all classes. This year, the school had decided to convert to the system that’s used in American education system of honoring achievements with placing students in High Honor Roll, Honor Roll, and Merit Roll based on their grades range. We are hoping this can minimize controversies around our mission. CCALI’s mission is not to have children compete among each other, but to encourage self-motivated learning behavior. Furthermore, there are also Academic Achievement Awards and Perfect Attendance Awards for students who have committed and thrived throughout the school year. We are hoping this encourages them to continue in this learning journey.

Last but not the least, we would like to extend appreciation to the following parents for volunteering on the day: Wendy Vung and Jet Wang for being great hostess and host who kept the program running smoothly (we ended before 4pm!), Richard Shen for technology and media controls, Joseph So for being an awesome photographer the entire day! Lili Chen and Lydia Chen for staying at the front desk and helped out with registration.

We want to thank all the parents and students, all staff members, our Board of Directors and volunteer parents for yet another great year of success! For students who have not registered yet, don’t forget to mail out your registration form postmarked before July 15 to receive early registration discount! We wish everyone a happy and safe summer! We will see you all on September 8 in school!