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校規 School Policy

Tel: (516) 526-0549
Email: info@ccali.org

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上課日  The School Day

上課時段是從下午 1:30 到 5:00。文化課有 20 堂,從 4:00 到 5:00,一般是要換教室;沒有文化課時,學生留在 原教室繼續上課到五點放學。

CCALI School hours are 1:30 to 5:00 pm. Twenty (20) cultural classes will be held during the school year from 4:00 to 5:00 pm. Students remain in their language classrooms until 5:00 pm on days without cultural classes.

務必遵守教室規則  Student Expectations

學生必須於 1:30pm 準時到達教室,開始上課。上課前, 學生必須將課本丶家庭作業丶鉛筆和其他老師要求學習時 要用的東西都準備好。學生如有擾亂上課的行為,將會被送往教務處,學校亦會連絡家長到校處理。

Students are expected to arrive promptly by 1:30 pm and be ready to work. Students are expected to come to class prepared with homework completed, textbooks, workbooks, notebooks, folders, pencils and any other supplies instructed by the teacher.

Students are expected to obey classroom rules and procedures and be respectful at all times. Any students showing disruptive behavior will be sent to the Administration Desk and the parents will be contacted.

放學  Dismissal

所有學生必須在 5:00pm 離校(沒有文化課時,家長請至原本的語言教室接學生; 有文化課時,,請至文化課教室接 學生), 學生如果沒有在 5:05pm 之前被接走, 會被送往教務處。放學時,學校會注意小孩的安全.,但接學生時若 家長遲到, 學校將無法負責小孩的安全。

The school day ends at 5:00 pm. Students must be picked up promptly at 5:00 pm from their cultural classes or language classrooms. Any students not picked up by 5:05 pm will be sent to the Administration Desk. The school will not be responsible for a student’s safety if parents are late. In case of an emergency, please contact the school at (516) 526-0549.

學生早退  Early Dismissal


An Early Dismissal Form can be obtained from the Administration Desk. Parents must complete the form and have it authorized by the School. The form must be handed to the teacher upon picking up the student. Please inform the teacher at the start of class so the students may obtain any homework assignments or paperwork prior to leaving.

家長老師溝通管道  Parent Teacher Communication

成功的學習需要老師與家長之間建立有如合作夥伴的關係。家長出席第一次老師家長座談會以便了解教學活動以 及老師的期望,並出席第二次老師家長座談會以便了解學生的學習情況。老師在學校旨在教育學生,並樂於在課後幫助學生。老師都樂意在上課前/上課後與家長敘談,請家長惠予和老師直接聯繫。

Successful learning requires a partnership between the parent and the teacher. Attend Curriculum Day to learn of the curriculum as well as the teacher’s expectations. Attend the Parent Teacher Conference to learn of your child’s progress. Teachers are here to educate your child and are willing to help beyond the classroom. Teachers are available to speak to you before or after school, please contact them directly.

家長學校溝通管道   Parent School Communication

學校定期通訊刊物和活動宣傳單都會發給學生放在書包帶回家,也會附在電郵發給家長。家長方面也請提供您目 前使用的電郵以便學校聯絡。如有任何疑問, 請跟校長甘居正聯絡: (516)526-0549; e-mail: principal@ccali.org

For any questions, comments or concerns, please contact principal Chu-Cheng Kan at (516) 526-0549 or email principal@ccali.org. Newsletters and Flyers will be sent home via student backpacks and email.  Please have a current email address on file with the school.

如何完成功課作業  Homework

功課是加強學習的設計,是讓學生在課堂內學到的課業能在家裡做一次複習。建議將一週的功課分散來做,每天 或每兩天做一部份,除了容易完成一週的功課,也更能加強學習效果。若在家功課能提早做完,學生應利用該週 空檔朗讀課文,查驗功課完成部分做對與否;也要鼓勵學生聆聽光碟與讀取老師提供補助學習資源。鼓勵家長在 家陪伴孩子做功課一起閱讀,將優質的學習環境也帶入家庭中。

Homework assignments are designed to reinforce what the student was taught in class. It is recommended to complete the homework assignment over a few days. If homework is completed early in the week, students should read their textbooks and review their workbooks or worksheets later in the week. Students are also encouraged to listen to the CDs and use any other resources the teacher provides. Parents are encouraged to do the homework with their child or read with their child to foster a healthy school to home learning environment.

停課日  School Closures         

行事曆上已有標示不上課的日期。其他由諸如惡劣天氣等造成學校要臨時關閉的情況,家長會接到學校的電話和 電郵通知,學校網站與臉書也會即時發佈,供家長查詢。

The school calendar indicates scheduled no school days. Unforeseen school closures such as inclement weather will be notified by phone and/or email. Please have a current phone number on file with the school.

NYIT 規定 NYIT School Policy

NYIT 校園不允許攜帶任何玻璃瓶或是任何玻璃的容器 NYIT 校園不允許任何寵物進入

NYIT does not allow glass bottles or glass containers on school property. NYIT does not allow any pets on school property.